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Giving Away the Farm: How Kindness, Critters and Yarn Knit a Community Together

Knitters gather. It’s what they do.

With the yarn arts growing in popularity every day and groups popping up in every community room and Starbucks in town, you might think it’d be easy to find Your People. But it’s tough, in fact, to find the right group with the right blend of people where you can feel immediately at ease and welcome.

Jacob’s Reward Farm challenges the status quo. The close but welcoming group of “Barnies” who gather at the Little Red Barn studio each month hasn’t fallen into the traps that close off or disintegrate many gatherings of crafters. There are no cliques, no queens, no divas.

At the Little Red Barn, financial anxieties disappear. Marital struggles ease. Work deadlines are forgotten. Health challenges lighten. Here, friends enjoy acceptance and love in a wildly diverse company of people who share a kindred artistic spirit. And yarn. Yarn knits them all together.

“It’s not that we’re hiding from the scary world,” says Kate, a long-time group member. “We’re refueling and restoring ourselves to go back out and fight the battles like the warriors we are.”

From the Forward by Susan Gibbs, Juniper Moon Farm:
“The world can learn a lot from Cindy Telisak, and it has nothing to do with sheep.”

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